We want our kids to feel loved, honored, and connected.

During the service toddlers through 6yr olds have their own program: Godly Play. Godly Play is a type of spiritual formation similar to Montessori and Waldorf style education. It engages kids' natural mode of learning - play and curiosity.

Each Sunday, starts with a hands-on retelling of a Biblical story. That's followed by responses to the story through craft, play, and a time of prayer. Kids love it! And they make connections with God and the story that will surprise you.

Following the Kids' Talk (open to all kids up to 5th grade), kids up to 6 years old have the option of going to Godly Play or staying with their family. Kids who do go to Godly Play return to the service before communion. If your kids are 2 years old or younger, please accompany your child to Godly Play and stay with them, until at least the end of the story telling.