Spiritual Formation Is An On-Going Event.

We want to become ever-increasingly like Jesus. That involves: our head, our heart, our hands, God, and the help of others. To become more like Christ we do the following practices. 


Our service is liturgical,
which means it's participatory.


We pray, we sing, we reflect on scripture, and we dine at Jesus' table through communion. The service lasts an hour and is friendly for all ages with activities for kids.  



Life Together is our version of small groups. 

"For me, Scripture comes to life more when I'm discussing it in a group, in a way that isn't there when I'm just reading it myself. It's when I feel most alive in my relationship with God."

- Jenn, about Life Together

At Life Together We:

Life Together Horizontal Images.jpg
  1. Study Christ and pray for each other

  2. Have Fun

  3. Serve together

All of these practices have one goal: to make us more like Christ. We believe this is done best with other friends. Below is a map of our current groups. Want to join us? Drop Josh an email: Josh@saintt.org



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We're here to serve.
If you are too, let's team up.

We serve regularly at the Fort Collins Rescue Mission, cooking and serving dinner for guests.